It is already mid-Jan. Have you settled into 2013, or are you still living in 2012? If you are still living in 2012, why? Because 2012 left such a great impact on you that you’re unable to move forward? Leave the past, in the past. There’s no point harping on last year. It’s a fresh start. Let go, let go of whatever that seems like your anchor to happiness. What’s done, is done. The damage cannot be undone. Try again this year. Learn from 2012, don’t make those mistakes again. You have a choice, my dear. You always do.

If you’re still living in 2012 because 2013 isn’t as wonderful as last year, be patient. It’s only the beginning. You have 11 and a half more months to decide whether 2013 is better or worse than 2012, and while you still have 11 and a half months, make it a point to make this year a better one, because more often than not, people only start to realise how badly their year has been at the end of the year. You don’t always have to look back and think ‘I should have done better’, ‘why did I do that, why did I do this’ or have any other regrets. Set out your resolution from the beginning. What is it that you want to change about yourself? What are you trying to achieve by the end of the year?

Always know what you’re doing and where you are going. If you don’t, I guess it’s time to start deciding. Baby steps, better than none.

Everyone wants this year to be better than the last, but how many can make that happen?

And how many more years have you got to say that, and to have regrets?

Live, laugh and love. While you can.

Treasure and cherish. While the people you love are still alive.

Have a fruitful 2013 everyone.